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we are Pencil, never run out of ink, never run out of ideas, never run out of passion in cultural marketing and tech

Pencil Group is a cultural marketing agency group of 99+ diverse talents, including strategists, creatives, artists, and technologists. We decode hidden cues within consumer culture to ignite potent bonds between brands and their audiences.


to be a force to shape culture for good


decode hidden cues within consumer culture to ignite potent bonds between brands and their audiences


foster the sustainable progress of both our clients and society


culture is our inspired guide, revealing a simple yet profound belief: culture forms products


our strength stems from a diverse team of talents, including strategists, writers, artists, and technologists


our strategy centers on harnessing subculture’s potential in the digital age

we believe that when culture come first, products follow

The digital revolution expanded culture into an interesting world of subcultures, allowing brands to connect deeper and faster. We believe that when culture comes first, products follow. Every product and service carries the potential to build its own cultural values that are meaningful to its consumer community.

foster the sustainable progress of both our clients and society

  • contribute to client’s prosperity, doing good for doing well
  • improve consumers’ wellbeing via brand’s storytelling and storydoing
  • marketing for Vietnam nation brand and Vietnam’s heritage brands
  • protect the environment

diversity united under authenticity

Our diverse talents and resources also enable us to work with clients across a wide range of industries and sectors. From finance to FMCG to technology and lifestyle, Pencil has experience working with diverse brands and tailoring its approach to each client’s unique needs and goals. 

We go beyond a list of deliverables to gather a multidisciplinary range of talents and resources within our team and from our sibling network with a single-minded focus: to help brands build authentic connections with the communities and subcultures they serve. This diversity allows the agency to approach projects from multiple angles and create works that get attention, break through clutter and meet brand objectives. 

Pencil’s unique process selectively applies a wide range of capabilities according to the particular needs and nature of its clients. Our offering to a client can draw on brand strategy, creative development, experiential marketing, social media management, content creation, performance marketing and more. The agency is also known for its ability to create immersive experiences that allow audiences to connect with brands in a more tangible way.

constantly learning from culture

We take an holistic approach to marketing, believing that it is not just about the products or services that a brand offers. By understanding and staying up-to-date with human culture, from the underlying beliefs, norms, values, desires, attitudes, etc. to its manifestation in everything we do (eat, dress, work, learn, communicate, entertain, etc.), we are able to quickly identify and tap into ever-changing cultural; subcultural trends. Our cultural understanding helps clients to stay ahead of the curve and connect with their audiences on a deeper level to improve brand performance.

core values


honest as a pen stroke


write and draw with innocence like the first time


as stubborn as a pencil’s core, if you fail, sharpen it and try again


ask until you find, wield the pen to move forward


empathize and take action for others

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