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Vua Nệm


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TVC Vua Nệm – to sing adults to sleep

Vua Nệm - Pencil Group


Accompanying Vua Nem for a good-sleeping Vietnam


Despite 14 years of presence in the market, dua Nệm’s growth rate in terms of business is not proportionate to the brand’s pre-existing potentials.

In terms of communications, Vua Nệm is still not the TOM during the purchase of mattresses and bed accessories.

This is because consumers still do not have a thorough awareness of the brand Vua Nệm, about the business model and the differences of Vua Nệm from other competitor brands. Therefore, their level of trust for Vua Nệm is insignificant.


Proposition: Good Sleeps start from Vua Nệm

Creative Idea: To Sing Adults To Sleep

Produce a TVC with a straightforward, short and sweet message and easy to remember wording. Leave an impression in the mind of users to increase awareness and the TOM of Vua Nệm brand.

Vua Nệm
Vua Nệm
Vua Nệm
Vua Nệm