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Trà xanh không độ


International day of house cleansing


Tet advertising in recent years sees the rise of the RTD tea brands, matching the trends of healthier consumption of Vietnamese people during Tet, and O Do could not stay out of this game. Despite being the category leader for many years, O Do RTD tea had not established their presence on Tet before, which meant it was missing a highly potential occasion for sales.


Creates the brand-new holiday – International Day of House Cleaning to release the biggest stress in Tet for Gen Z. 

For the first time, O Do wanted to take advantage of this occasion to increase consumption by finding a tension that was relevant with youngsters during Tet holiday. Positioned as a “stress-free” brand, O Do turned one of the biggest stresses among youngsters in Tet, doing cleaning chóe, into a holiday that they call celebrate with fressness: The International Day of House Cleaning. Its anthem was made into an MV, received more than 46 million views just on Youtube only and was lsited in the top three best performing Tet ads on the platform. But more importantly, O Do restart their leading position in the category, on a new occation, with gallopinh volume growth of 15% onyear, while the whole category went down by 15%.

Trà xanh không độ
Trà xanh không độ