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Communication, Production

What we did

  • Communication strategy & creative concept
  • TVC & KV creative + production
  • Integrated communication plan


Tết kết nối dẫn lối ta chinh phục


Covid-19 had slowed down our growth trajectory. But with On-trade strong recovery in Q2 2022, Budweiser has a clear opportunity to bounce back higher. Key challenge is to convert from trial to more regular consumption by building Occasion salience, aspirational image & Physical availability.

  • To build trendy premiumness, make Budweiser worths the price in party and social mixed occasions.
  • To increase salience: make Budweiser be the beer for sharing in party and social mixed occasions.



Tet gathering is the time for sharing stories of success, which brings up the conflict between conventional and trend-setting successes. However there is a gap in the views about success, sometimes people don’t even want to explain This Tet, Budweiser will be a connection of the different dreams through the message A Tet of different dreams united is yours to take and the Integrated plan on social channels.