We are Pencil Group .

never run out of ink

The world is changing faster than ever. It takes courage to change, to innovative, starting with new sketches by pencils. Pencil is the tool for creativity, and moreover, the tool to rethink. Companies and brands are building new relationships with customers and consumers, rethink their role in the new era, and deliver values through experiences that connect. That is where Pencil Group can be a partner with companies and brands.

Pencil Group is an indie creative network of companies with brand strategists, creatives, media, digital and performance specialists, working in agility with clients to create effective marketing activities in digital age.

We deliver creative business solutions from brand strategy, brand experience design, branding campaign to digital experience and performance campaign.

Never run out of ideas, never run out of passion in growing interesting human connection between good brands and its people.

Why Pencil Rules

We are focused on creating solutions powered by courage in creativity – from brand strategy, brand experience design and brand campaigns to digital experience and performance campaigns.

4 agencies in 1 group

the creative

An ideas generation company that tore down the wall between traditional and new media, between advertising and the outside world. It brings together a unique blend of writers, art directors, strategic and media planners, CSR experts, technicians, musicians, film makers, product designers and more – blending and bending their different perspectives to generate ideas that have a life beyond advertising.
  • Brand campaign
  • Brand platform
  • Brand experience

the digital innovation

Digital innovation is where our group began and it remains one of our core strengths.
Our digital executions have made a truly remarkable impact because they are born out of meaningful human connections. Our digital solutions create a more involving and rewarding brand experience that unites brands and their customers, increasing the value of products and services.
  • Digital activation &
  • Digital production &
  • Digital transformation for

the digital innovation

We are a creative agency and more because we have a start-up & entrepreneur spirits. That is the reason why Pencil network joins the race. We will discover and nurture value ideas, support and help start-up companies make their dream come true.
All we want to do is create a community for creative people because we love ideas.
  • Idea incubator
  • Start-up funding
  • Pencil creative

ideas that matter

Our mission is to grow interesting human connection between good brands and their people.

Human connections: Things that a person cares about and a brand can offer.

People: The total number of persons who form a community, a nation, or a group by sharing common values and interests.

How we sharpen-up brands

We are driven by a need to understand how and why people change and how brands can best meet these changes.

We are immersed in cultural understanding and we commission dedicated consumer research studies to inform and guide our creative and brand strategies.

We are united by values that provide direction and alignment to our people, ensuring clarity, consistency and teamwork for optimal results.

We freely admit to having fun: serious fun. We leverage the power of play, opening up new territory for ideas and being open to all opportunities (our pencil isn’t red!).

We are fuelled by fresh challenges

We are united by our shared values of curiosity, courage, candour, creativity and compassion but also value what makes each of us different. .

What draws us together

Nguyen Tien Huy

Nguyen Tien Huy

CEO – Founder

Sang Phan

Sang Phan

General Manager

Nguyen Hung Hai

Nguyen Hung Hai

Head of Planning

We are proud of our clients and value the long-term relationships we have built together. .

Why we lead