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Walk Freely

02 Mar 2020

Walk Freely


Juno is one of the most popular Vietnamese shoes and bags brands. But Juno’s long-standing focus on price promotion, not fashionable design. That leads to a bad perception: just a cheap fast-fashion brand with little sense of fashion. Without discounts, sales stagnate.


Juno is looking to revamp their image by launching a series of original shoe & handbag collections, one of which is inspired by Mondrian art. Mondrian art involves only the primary colors and straight horizontal/vertical lines. To us, Mondrian art represents our core, our most fundamental self. We are tasked with launching this collection and emotionally connecting it to young Vietnamese women.

Before diving into the campaign, we prepared us with strong insights:

  • Vietnamese women are constrained by social norms and gender discrimination. They are always in a silent struggle to choose their own way of life, trying to escape the formula that society has established for them.
  • Fashion & art are both regarded as an important means of self-identity expression.
  • These are leads to a big idea that is why not advocating Vietnamese’s women right to freely pursue their own way of life.

What we did

  • Launched the new collection Walk freely at the Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts
  • Used PR articles, KOL reviews to raise awareness
  • Used a tactic called “baiting bird” to get TA’s attention: hire undercover promotion models to wear new items in the collection, take photos, and check-in online at various points in commercial centers.

What we achieved

  • Reached more than 500 million VND (~ $21,000) in sales within 2 hours of launching
  • Reached 10,000 units in sales during the first 2 months
  • The whole collection ordered multiple customers