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Toppo – Good mood!

17 Mar 2020

Toppo – Good mood!


In the snack industry, the subcategory of cake sticks (pretzel) currently does not have a prominent brand name. Many pretzel brands do not have a clear positioning, including Toppo. It is sometimes misunderstood as a product for children.


  • Figured it out as an interesting insight of teenagers: they easily change their mood due to nothing. Sometimes, a bad mood just comes and they do not know how to deal with it, how to get rid of it. That makes us shout out “Eureka, we know where Toppo can do their job”. Toppo will be positioned as a “mood booster” product.
  • Big idea: Summon good mood. Each Toppo stick becomes a magic wand that helps teenagers to summon good mood right away. Whenever suddenly “down mood”, all they need to do is wave the Toppo stick and have a bite to bring the mood back immediately.

What we did

  • Launched series iTVC with main KOL Khanh Vy to talk about reasons make teenagers get bad mood and how Toppo can solve them
  • Launched Summon good mood MV as a summary for series iTVC 
  • Cooperated with vloggers Cu Toi, Trang Hy and Hau Hoang to deliver the message
  • Created landing page to update all activities for TA to follow
  • Executed social experiences on Facebook to catch TA attention
  • Used PR articles to approach TA
  • Recruited new consumers by trial activations.

What we achieved

  • Reached more than 5 million reaches
  • Gained over 1200 participants within 3 weeks by social experience program
  • Music video “Summon Good Mood” had over 5 million views and nearly 15,000 interactions on all channels
  • Increased by nearly 40% in sales result compared to the same period last year