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Failure is fortune

02 Mar 2020

Failure is fortune


Nivea Men is known as one of the most popular personal care brands for men in Vietnam where men do not have high awareness about taking care of their looks. Despite being well known, the current brand image communications are no longer relevant to the young target audience. They have defined the Nivea men image as bald men but how bald men look like, what they do, has not clearly communicated.


  • Deliver a specific definition of “bold men”. 
  • In the first page, we wrote down the insight that we found it interesting: a young man wants to try, discover and do new things in his life but the fear of failure holds  him back. That was why we built the big idea: Face the failure.
  • Chosen celebrities and influencers that have been through many failures before they succeed  to be our “heroes” in this project: rapper Den Vau, football soccer Dinh Trong and Wefit CEO Khoi Nguyen. By sharing their true stories about how they face the worst time, how they get up after having painful fallings, our definition of “bold man” is now visualized specifictly.

What we did

  • Launched series TVC with 3 main KOLs to deliver the message “failure is fortune”.
  • Made testimonial video to collect user’s thinking
  • Used PR articles to raise awareness
  • Created social discussion