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Boundless Together

22 Mar 2023

Boundless Together

How VinFast prepare to enter a new era of smart electric vehicles

The brand image of VinFast had not reflected the smart electric vehicle element and VinFast’s global brand essence: “Boundless together”.
VinFast needed to demonstrate the breakthrough, toward-the-future spirit, and sustainability in the era of electric cars.

Pencil worked with AKQA – VinFast’s global brand strategy consultant – the world’s top agency to synchronously develop VinFast’s new brand identity system with major changes in brand color and brand visual cue. The Future Blue brand color represents modernity and towards a sustainable future, and the vLight visual cue – is inspired by the design of VinFast’s car lights is the main graphic element. vLight signature is also a graphic element of VinFast throughout the stage of entering the global market

What we did

  • Brand visual concept
  • Brand guideline development
  • Brand identity design