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Pencil is like a football team, so we love training

05 Mar 2020

Pencil is like a football team, so we love training

Pencil has a fun working environment, which many people may often liken themselves to being a family.

That thought, actually, is extremely dangerous, because the family means you belong, the family means you are obviously there, the family is that you never have pressure, all these thoughts can make us hard to move forward together. So, we like to call ourselves a team. Because the team means you have to practice constantly and fight together for the common purpose.

Hard training is indispensable

Find inspiration every day and the language of movies in commercials -
Director Tran Dung Thanh Huy

Every Friday afternoon will be the Pencil's inviolable calendar. All members of the company will come together to learn something new. We call these training sessions: Pencil Sharpening. We acquire knowledge, do exercises, ask questions and correct ourselves. A good football player can have a good instinct, a good sense of the ball, but to shine in his position, it must be a conditional reflex, originating from hard training for many years. Don't expect Pencil Sharpening to turn anyone into a celebrity in the advertising world, we just learn and grow together, sometimes we break ourselves only to become sharper. The percentage of lessons is divided 60% in the advertising industry and 40% for all the interesting things in this life. The guests are friends of anyone on the Pencil team, as long as we see what we are missing in their sharing.
Try looking at the topics we trained together in 2020, would you like to join?

  • Learn more about VR & AR - Host: Brad Nguyen - CEO of JoiKiD
  • Find inspiration every day and the language of movies in commercials - Director Tran Dung Thanh Huy
  • Business Canvas - Danny Quach, Deputy Director of Studio 68
  • The Sympathy Canvas - Danny Guo
  • Presenting like a God - Nguyen Tien Huy, CEO Pencil Group
  • Facing fear of failure - Psychologist Giang Hoang Phuong Tien
  • Problem-solving - Nguyen Hung Hai, Head of Planning of Pencil
  • Learn strategies from playing Werewolf -, Ho Cong Hoai Phuong, Pencil GM

As a team, we should understand each other

That's why alternating with the training program, we have the Pencil Talk. A good player must always understand the problems his teammates are facing. Because if anyone is in a slump, we have to find the reason behind and work together to fix it so that it doesn't affect our overall performance. People sit in circles but not like alcoholics clubs on Netflix. We talk about things outside of work, in order to understand that: the account guy sitting nearby used to have a dream to be Creative but he was stuck at an old company, and he loves to be dragged in brainstorming sessions, to understand that the planner often urging us to submit our work as soon as possible is for recheck because she is afraid of letting everyone down, to understand that our CD has stopped the pub with unhappy days and came back to the creative work, to understand Mr. GM studies at the University of Technology but he is in love with architecture and interior design. Understanding our expectations and dreams, we explore the potential and know who we are looking for, in some more special projects.

The Pencil coach also trains many other teams in the V - League

Pencil BOD is the familiar lecturers of the media and marketing institutes. Our Big Brothers give lectures everywhere, interact with many students, share their knowledge as a way to pay back what the advertising industry has given to them. The name Pencil is well known, as an agency whose creative values ​​are first, many customers come for what they have heard after the lessons, many students send CVs for the desire to become a Pencil. Going to school is always fun, teaching is always fun. And it also brings many more good things.

Before you become a good player, you have to be an interesting person

Creative Agency is, in essence, a huge playground. At Pencil, we spend most of our time telling jokes, playing games, summarizing an episode on Netflix, reading comics, complimenting or criticizing a book we just read, watching videos on youtube, basically (seems to be) a waste of time.

But it doesn't matter, because it is from those things, until the day comes, that we can mold ideas from the foregoing.

And creators, who are often interesting and have a unique ability in a particular field. Pencil is proud to have a very interesting creative team with diverse hobbies: playing games, taking photos of movies, playing Lego, playing models, making leather, running motor, diving, jogging, traveling to discover. exploring cultures, being very knowledgeable about museums and exhibitions…. We take advantage of that knowledge to share it together in our own Creative team training sessions. Whether you like it or not, you choose to start something new just heard from your colleague or not, they all give you new knowledge about the world. And sometimes, all Pencil wants is to get out of the training with some of the games you've just downloaded or book tickets for the next concert.Fun is enough, as creativity is fun.